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Litigation, Claims, Trials & Social Security Disability


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We are passionate about using our legal skills to help clients who are disabled, injured or suffered substantial property damage.

We understand that but for good fortune, anyone of us could suffer a long-term illness or injury that prevents any of us from working or supporting our families. Many of our clients enjoyed many years of rewarding work that was suddenly cut short by an expected illness or an accident. For these clients, the difference between prosperity and homelessness is the work we put in on their behalf. We focus our skills and resources to help these clients win their claim for social security disability. For clients who qualify and deserve private, long-term disability benefits, we fight for them against the insurance companies that will not pay the benefits.

We understand that carelessness by others may cause serious and permanent personal injuries. We have seen that serious personal injuries have caused our clients to endure daily pain or lose pleasures in life. For these clients, we focus our experience and skills to win fair and reasonable compensation for that may improve the quality of their lives.

For many of our clients, their greatest asset is the home they live in. Carelessness by others often leads to the loss of this most cherished asset. For these clients, we focus our experience and skills to negotiate reimbursement or win fair and reasonable reimbursement at a trial.

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Alegria & Associates, PLLC, serves clients in the five boroughs of New York City, and the New York Metropolitan area, including: Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, Nassau and Suffolk counties, areas of Connecticut and New Jersey.